Board Service

NANETS has a Nominating Committee, defined in its bylaws. Our current Nominating Committee can be viewed here.

Criteria for Board Service

Interested doctoral and advanced practice provider members in good standing may be nominated to serve. Qualified candidates may be peer-nominated or self-nominated. Nominees must also be able to commit to up to 8 volunteer hours a month for a two-year term. In addition, nominees meet at least three of the following criteria:

1. Leadership and/or committee service in NANETS

2. NANETS involvement in other capacities

3. Years in NET medical and/or research field

4. NET publications, research grant funding, involvement in clinical trials

5. Leadership positions outside NANETS

6. NET advocacy or community involvement

7. Mentorship

8. Academic experience

Number of Seats

The slate is always the number of open board seats plus two. Open board seats include those whose term is ending, as well as any seat vacated by a board member who has been selected as the next officer.

Timeline for Board Elections

Each year, the Nominating Committee meets to review the nomination process and then announces a call for nominations for open board seats (by mid-May). The Nominating Committee reviews all nominations and presents a slate of candidates to the Board of Directors for approval (by mid-June). All voting members are given an opportunity to vote in the election. The voting period is three (3) weeks (in late-July to early-August).

The Nominating Committee has the authority to review the diversity of the Board of Directors after the election is complete, and may appoint an ad-hoc member with a one-year term in order to include a specialty, region or other under-represented community.


Officer Service

Criteria for Officers

Service on the NANETS’ Board of Directors is a critical qualification to serve as an officer. Serving as an officer is a five year commitment. Officers automatically ascend to President in the following order:

  • Secretary serves 2 years, alternating with Treasurer to ascend to Vice-President
  • Treasurer serves 2 years, alternating with Secretary to ascend to Vice-President
  • Vice-President serves 1 year, ascends to President
  • President serves 1 year, ascends to President Emeritus
  • President Emeritus serves 1 year, then rotates off the Board and Executive Committee

Number of Seats

Only one new officer is selected for the secretary or treasurer position, one of which is vacated each alternating year. 

Timeline for Officer Selection

Each year, the Nominating Committee also announces an officer call for nominations from amongst current and past board members (April). The selected candidate for either secretary or treasurer is presented by the Nominating Committee to the Board of Directors for a full board vote (May).


Committee Service

Criteria for Committee Service

All NANETS members are invited to serve on a committee in two-year terms. All committee appointments are reviewed and made by the incoming President and Vice President. To serve on a NANETS committee, an individual must meet all of the following criteria:

1. Be a current NANETS member in good standing

2. Be engaged with NANETS as evidenced by in-person attendance at one or more NANETS-sponsored events within the prior three years (Symposium, regional conferences, webinars)

3. Be currently engaged in neuroendocrine tumor diagnosis, treatment, education or disease management

Number of Seats

Committees vary in size as needed to achieve their goals. View our current active committees here

Timeline for Committee Appointments

Members who are interested in a future leadership position are encouraged to join or remain engaged in committee work. Members interested in chairing a committee they currently serve on are asked to share their interest with their current committee chair (by June). 

Express your interest in committee service here today! If you’d like to recommend someone for consideration on a committee, please nominate them here. All responses will be reviewed immediately for any committees with open seats; other responses will be saved for the next year. Every fall by November the incoming President and Vice President review all expressions of interest and appoint committee chairs, co chairs and members.