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member interest survey results

The goal of NANETS’ membership survey was to collect input on new programs and initiatives in three key areas: web-based learning, committee and volunteer interests, and a mentee/mentor program. The survey was distributed to all members and non-member Symposium attendees, with 61 respondents completing the entire survey.

Web-Based Learning:
Asked about web-based learning, 62 percent of respondents said they would be likely to attend a 60-minute webinar. When asked to list their top three topic preferences, PRRT was mentioned the most (18 mentions), followed by treatment and management of NETs (16 mentions) and clinical trials/latest research (10 mentions). Specific recommendations in these topic areas included:

  • PRRT: Sequencing and dosimetry; tailored PRRT; patient follow up; novel developments; emerging radionuclides and therapeutics
  • Treatment and Management of NETs: Standards of care; treatment options; sequencing; G3 NETS; new developments/emerging treatments
  • Clinical Trials/Latest Research: New targeted therapies; clinical trial opportunities in NETs; current, ongoing and recently completed clinical trials; updates on current research with application to clinic

Committee and Volunteer Interests: 
To broaden and diversify engagement of members on committees and task forces, a two-part question was posed. The first question asked respondents to check all areas in which they are interested in becoming involved or learning more about. Out of the 13 areas of interest, Scientific Review & Research received the most interest (70% of respondents); NET Symposium Planning was next with 56% of respondents indicating interest; and Consensus Guidelines received interest from 48% of respondents. The chart below displays these results, which are consistent with the society’s mission to further NET education and research.
member survey area interest2

In November, NANETS' board approved the reconfiguration of committees to better fulfill the society’s mission and to implement the goals of its 2020 strategic plan. The executive committee has advanced a new committee structure, which involves more members from difference specialties and areas of North America, better engages our allied health members, and puts forth a plan for succession

ADasariIn November, the board voted to amend the bylaws to add a board seat. Arvind Dasari, MD, MD Anderson, was elected to fill the new seat.
Since joining MD Anderson in 2011, Dr. Dasari’s clinical focus has been on neuroendocrine malignancies and he currently serves as the co-Chair of the MD Anderson multi-disciplinary neuroendocrine tumor board.