The Odette Cancer Center at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center is one of the largest teaching hospitals of the University of Toronto. The Susan Leslie Clinic for Neuroendocrine Cancer is the largest NETs center in Canada, providing multi-disciplinary care. We are currently recruiting for a medical oncology fellow to be at least 50% based in NETs. Supervisor will be Dr. Simron Singh (medical oncologist) and NANETS Board Member. This will be for a 1-2 year term - University of Toronto fellowship based at the Odette Cancer Center in Toronto, Canada

The goals of the fellowship are:

- To gain experience and knowledge in the clinical care of NET patients from a systemic framework and to be involved in multi-disciplinary care of NETs patients.

- To gain skills in clinical research related to NET patients. Research areas of focus can include clinical trials, health services research, as well as quality improvement.

The fellowship offers considerable flexibility and can be tailored according to individual interest and needs. There is a possibility for a second minor tumor site (e.g., lung, breast, colon, etc.), according to the interests of the individual.The balance of clinical and research can be tailored as per applicant goals.

Minimum Requirements:
Applicants for the NET fellowship must have completed one of the following:

- Completion of core training in Medical oncology/hematology or equivalent (AGCME or FRCPC or equivalent). International applicants are welcome to apply as long as they have completed core medical oncology training.

- A full salary and benefits will be provided as per guidelines of the University of Toronto and based on experience.

- Support for any visa requirements will be provided upon acceptance in the program.

To apply:
- Applicants should email with CV and a personal statement describing your interest in NETs to Dr. Simron Singh (phone/Skype or in person interviews will be conducted).

Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.